What Are Some Fun Games Involving Dinosaurs for Children?


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A selection of fun online children's games involving dinosaurs can be played for free at the PBS Kids website, where the options include a "Roarin' Relay" racing game, the "Buddy's A-maze-ing Adventure" maze challenge and the "Conductor's Concentration" memory game. Also among the options are a number of games intended to educate children about dinosaurs. These include the "How Big are You?" game, which looks at how big dinosaurs were, the "Find Dinosaur Bones" game and the "Field Guide!" to learn about dinosaur facts.

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What Are Some Fun Games Involving Dinosaurs for Children?
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Some dinosaur game ideas for children to play without a computer include:

  • Dinosaur Bone Hunt, in which children compete to find paper dinosaur bones hidden around a room
  • Dinosaur Puzzle, for which a large dinosaur shape is cut from poster board and divided into pieces to be put back together
  • Stomping Dinosaurs, where children stomp around in handmade shoe box dinosaur feet
  • Dinosaur Matching, in which children look through picture books to find matching dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Egg Matching, where children hunt through large plastic eggs to find matching dinosaur figurines

There is also a dinosaur storytelling game that children can play together. This involves children taking it in turns to pick a toy dinosaur from a collection and incorporate it into a shared story. For example, the first player might pick out a Brontosaurus to begin the story by having its breakfast. The next player might then take a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the collection and announce that it eats the Brontosaurus for its own breakfast.

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