What Is the Full List of Dark Pitt Novels in Chronological Order?


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According to the release dates of the books, the first of the 22 Dark Pitt novels was "The Mediterranean Caper." However the novel "Pacific Vortex!" is set before this. The books are all standalone stories.

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Dirk Pitt is a character that was created by Clive Cussler. He is an American author who was born in 1938. Some of the later books featuring Dirk Pitt are written by both Clive Cussler and his son, Dirk Cussler. This includes all of the books released since 2004. All of the books are adventure novels, with Dirk Pitt as the central character.

Two of the books have been made into movies. The first was "Raise the Titanic," which was released in 1980 and starred Richard Jordan. The second was "Sahara." It was released in 2005 and stars the American actor Matthew McConaughey.

Here is the list of books featuring the Dirk Pitt character, in the order in which they were released:

  • The Mediterranean Caper (1973)
  • Iceberg (1975)
  • Raise the Titanic! (1976)
  • Vixen 03 (1978)
  • Night Probe! (1981)
  • Pacific Vortex! (1983)
  • Deep Six (1984)
  • Cyclops (1986)
  • Treasure (1988)
  • Dragon (1990)
  • Sahara (1992)
  • Inca Gold (1994)
  • Shock Wave (1996)
  • Flood Tide (1997)
  • Atlantis Found (1999)
  • Valhalla Rising (2001)
  • Trojan Odyssey (2003)
  • Black Wind (2004)
  • Treasure of Khan (2006)
  • Arctic Drift (2008)
  • Crescent Dawn (2010)
  • Poseidon's Arrow (2012)
  • Havana Storm (2014)
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