How Do You Find the Full "King Kong" Movie for Free?

All three major studio versions of "King Kong" remain under copyright and cannot be legally viewed online for free, so the best way to find a version of the film without cost is to consult your local library. The 2005 version of the film is occasionally available to stream in the selection of movies offered for free on

There are three major movie versions of "King Kong," including the 1933 original, a poorly received 1976 remake and a 2005 version by "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson. All three versions of the films remain under copyright control by their respective rights holders, so there is no legal way to stream or download them online free of charge.

The best way to find a free copy of each movie is to check with your local library system. The 1933 version of the film is considered historically significant, so many libraries have copies on physical media you can check out like other library materials.

All three versions of "King Kong" are sometimes available through subscription on-demand streaming services. Crackle, the free advertising-supported content platform owned by Sony, often rotates the 2005 version of "King Kong" through its available selection of movies.