What Are Some Facts About Frank Lloyd Wright's House on the Rock?


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Some facts about Frank Lloyd Wright's House on the Rock are that it was not actually designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it opened in 1959 and is now a roadside tourist attraction in the Midwest. The facts of how and why the House on the Rock was built are sometimes distorted by myth and urban legend.

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The House on the Rock was designed by an architect by the name of Alex Jordan, Jr. One story is that Jordan's father (also an architect) began building the house in order to spite Frank Lloyd Wright. The tale goes that Wright had insulted Jordan's father and told him: "I wouldn't hire you to design a cheese crate or a chicken coop." Because of this, Jordan's father began designing an elaborate and strange house that he knew Frank Lloyd Wright would not approve of. This story has been discredited by historians for a variety of reasons, and is now believed to be a myth. The House on the Rock is made up of a Carousel Room, an Organ Room, a large replica of a sea monster battling a giant squid and many other themed rooms. The House on the Rock is featured in the fantasy book "American Gods" written by Neil Gaiman.

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