Does Fox News Advise the Women in Its Staff to Wear Short Skirts?


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Fox News doesn't make it a rule for its female personalities to wear short skirts and dresses. However, CEO Roger Ailes is notorious for showing annoyance towards female Fox News personalities that wear pants and cover their legs.

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"The Loudest Voice in the Room," a 2014 biography of Ailes, reports that he factored in female personalities' attractiveness when hiring them. Correspondingly, he showed frustration when a female host would not take advantage of her attractiveness; a senior executive reported that Ailes said out loud, "Tell Catherine [Crier] I did not spend x-number of dollars on a glass desk for her to wear pant suits." On ensemble programs, such as "The Five," the personality closest to the camera often has her leg emphasized. According to a friend of Ailes, "The Five" co-host Andrea Tantaros was referred to by Ailes as "the leg" of the show.

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