What Is Found in a Typical Child Birth Delivery Video?

found-typical-child-birth-delivery-video Credit: Sally Anscombe/Taxi/Getty Images

Child birth videos are created to help expecting parents prepare for the process of child birth. These videos outline all the recommended steps to take before child birth, what to expect for a normal child birth, a lot of the complications that can occur during child birth and what to expect after the child is born.

Birth videos that are focused on the time before the birth go over topics such as vitamins and nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, sex during pregnancy, the trimesters and getting prepared for the actual delivery.

Birth videos focused on the delivery are the most common types of child birth videos. They focus on the three stages of birth, pain management, natural births, water births and complications that may arise during delivery. Videos on child birth can be for vaginal deliveries or for cesarean deliveries. Vaginal deliveries can occur outside of hospitals, typically by a midwife, but cesarean deliveries have to be done by a surgeon at a hospital.

Birth videos that feature life after child birth are possibly the least common out of the three categories. These videos tend to help new mothers cope with changes to their body and their mind. Some of the topics covered may include postpartum depression, sleep management, breast feeding versus formula and keeping intimacy after child birth.