What Are the Forgotten Realms Novels?


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The "Forgotten Realms" novels are a collection of fantasy fiction books, written by a variety of different authors. They are set in the Forgotten Realms universe, a campaign setting for the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game.

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The "Forgotten Realms" are also commonly referred to as "The Realms." The setting was originally designed in 1967, and a very large number of books have since been written.

Some of the most popular Forgotten Realms novels were written by R.A. Salvatore. Salvatore has written 25 Forgotten Realms novels since 1988, most of them divided into trilogies or quintets. These include the "Icewind Dale Trilogy," the "Dark Elf Trilogy," the "Cleric Quintet," "Legacy of the Drow," "Paths of Darkness," "The Sellswords" and the "Hunter's Blade Trilogy." He also oversaw the "War of the Spider Queen" series, each of which was written by a different author.

Many other authors have written their own series in "The Realms." Among them are Bruce R. Cordell's "Abolethic Sovereignty," Erik Scott de Bie's "Abyssal Plague," the "Baldur's Gate" series by Philip Athans and Drew Karpyshyn, "Blades of the Moonsea" by Richard Baker, "Brimstone Angels" by Erin M. Evans, "Brotherhood of the Griffon" by Richard Lee Bryers, "Chosen of Nendawen" by Mark Sehestedt and "Cold Steel and Secrets" by Rosemary Jones.

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