What Are Some Floor Plans for a Small Log House?

Small, single-story log house floor plans are available for Real Log Homes' Trailblazer log cabin, Custom Timber Log Homes' Solita Log Home and Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes' Bear Creek log cabin. These have living areas of 480, 432 and 408 square feet, respectively, notes each home-plan company's website.

The Trailblazer comprises an open-plan kitchen and living area beneath a cathedral ceiling. Two smaller rooms of 10 square feet each lead off from this main living area, as does a bathroom. The entrance to the Trailblazer is through a front porch, which extends six feet out from the front of the log cabin.

The Solita Log Home, although designed as a home office or workplace, can be converted into a home or guest house. The floor plan comprises three rooms, the largest of which is directly accessible by the entrance, and a bathroom, also accessible from the largest of the three rooms.

Conestoga's Bear Creek log cabin floor plan has a simple, open-plan kitchen and dining area directly accessible from the front entrance and from which are accessible the bathroom and bedroom. Above the bathroom is a 61-square-foot storage loft. The cabin also has a covered porch, which extends from the front facade by six feet and spans the width of the cabin.