What Was the First Movie Shown in Theaters?


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The first movie shown in a theater was one of the Skladanowsky brothers' "Nebelbilder" shorts at the Berlin Wintergarten in November 1895. The film was untitled and served as more of a demonstration of the film projector than as entertainment.

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What Was the First Movie Shown in Theaters?
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The Lumiere brothers were the first filmmakers to show a film in a commercial setting at the Grand Cafe in Paris earlier the same year. Thereafter, they began opening up cinemas in Europe and America that used their Cinematographe projector.

They saw their Cinematographe as an improvement on Edison's Peephole Kinetoscope. Unlike the Kinetoscope, it was transportable, quiet and hand-cranked. Whereas only one person could view the films on the Kinetoscope, hundreds of people could view the films projected from the Cinematophe. By 1903, the brothers were producing 2113 titles per year.

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