What Was the First Film Made That Took Place During the Vietnam War?


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The first major film to depict the 1955 to 1975 Vietnam War was "To the Shores of Hell," released in 1965. The first Vietnam War film to achieve commercial success was "The Green Berets," released in 1968.

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Wlll Zens directed "To the Shores of Hell," which depicted the landing of the U.S. Marines at Da Nang. The film interspersed Army footage with a plot involving a Marine Corps soldier rescuing his brother, a civilian doctor. As of 2015 people view this as a propaganda film, in part because of its ridicule of Vietnam War opponents.

"The Green Berets" starred John Wayne, who also directed the film. "The Green Berets" followed a journalist who slowly changes his opinion on the war after seeing the heinous actions of the Communist soldiers. "The Green Berets" is notable for having a softer tone toward opponents than "To the Shores of Hell."

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