What Are the First Few Books in the Calder Saga by Janet Dailey?


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The first few books in Janet Dailey's 11-book Calder Saga are "This Calder Range," "Stands a Calder Man" and "This Calder Sky." The chronological order differs slightly from the publication order as "This Calder Sky" was published first. Publication of the rest of the books then follow in chronological order.

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"This Calder Range" tells the story of how Chase Benteen Calder and his child-bride, Lorna, journey from Texas to Montana and work to build their cattle ranch in the years following the Civil War.

In "Stands a Calder Man," Benteen's son, Webb, would rather earn his right to inherit the Calder empire than be given it, while his father wishes he would assume his role as heir and leader. Webb is nevertheless protective of the grasslands on which their cattle graze. This presents a conflict for Webb, as he is drawn to Lili Reisner, one of the new settlers in the area as a result of the Homestead Act. The other problem is that she is already married.

"This Calder Sky" is the story of the romance Chase Calder, of the prominent Calder clan and Maggie O'Rourke, a neighbor from a poor family. Unlike her father, who is jealous of the Calders and steals their cattle, Maggie wants to better herself. When Webb Calder hangs her father, Maggie, pregnant with Chase's baby, leaves Montana. Fifteen years pass. When their son introduces himself to his father, the romance between Chase and Maggie reignites.

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