What Are Some Facts About Financial Advisor Susan Orman?

What Are Some Facts About Financial Advisor Susan Orman?

At 30 years old, Suze Orman worked as a waitress, earning about $400 per month. With dreams of opening a bakery, she solicited contributions from customers and generated $50,000 towards her goal. Orman entrusted the money to a Merrill Lynch investor who lost it within three months.

In response to her lost savings, Orman took investment classes. She eventually secured a job with Merrill Lynch and also sued the company for the improper actions of her former broker. In 1987, Orman started her own investment firm.

Orman's media career began when she wrote to a radio station to complain about incorrect information given by the host. Her letter turned into an invitation and she began appearing regularly on the show. Other offers followed, and Orman started giving financial advice on numerous television shows.

The "Suze Orman Show" airs weekly on CNBC, as of May 2015. She also makes guest appearances on other talk shows and regularly contributes to several publications.

Orman has received two Emmy awards, eight Gracies, a Visionary Award from the Council for Economic Education and an Amelia Earhart Award. In 2013, Forbes magazine chose her as one of the ten most influential celebrities of the year. Orman is also a best-selling author and sought-after public speaker.