What Are the Final Three Parts of "The Way to Rainy Mountain" in Order?


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"The Way to Rainy Mountain" has three parts in total: part one called “The Setting Out,” part two called “The Going On,” and part three called “Closing In." There are 24 numbered sections total, and each section has three parts each. The book begins and ends with poems, says eNotes.

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"The Way to Rainy Mountain," written by N. Scott Momaday, is a book about Kiowa Indian history. Momaday writes about his personal experience, his families stories and tribal stories about the Kiowa tribe and their way of life. The book contains Kiowa myths and cultural details from different perspectives to show that the understanding of the culture depends on a person's point of view, says Annenberg Learner.

N. Scott Momaday is a Kiowa Indian who was born in Lawton, Oklahoma. He grew up around Navajo and San Carlos Apache tribes. His work includes his first book, "House Made of Dawn," which is a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece of fiction. He also wrote "In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems," "The Gourd Dancer," "In the Bear’s House" and a children's book called "Circle of Wonder."

He holds 12 honorary degrees and serves as a member of the Kiowa Gourd Clan and as a Professor of the Humanities at the University of Arizona as of 2015, says Poets.org.

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