What are some films directed by the Coen brothers?


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Some of the Coen brothers��� films include ���Barton Fink,��� ���Fargo��� and ���No Country for Old Men.��� The two siblings serve as screenwriters, directors, producers and editors for their films, covering genres as diverse as comedy, crime and Western.

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���Barton Fink,��� the Coens��� tale of a 1930s Hollywood screenwriter suffering from writer���s block, is supposedly inspired by a spell of writer���s block the brothers experienced themselves during the writing of their previous film, ���Miller���s Crossing.��� The 1991 black comedy stars John Turturro as its eponymous protagonist, a starving New York City novelist who moves to Los Angeles to make his fortune as a Hollywood hack.

The Coen brothers��� 1996 comedy-crime drama ���Fargo��� nabbed two Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Screenplay. The offbeat black comedy stars William H. Macy as a desperate used car salesman attempting to extort money from his wife���s family through a fake kidnapping scheme. Frances McDormand plays a pregnant North Dakota police chief investigating the ensuing series of homicides.

���No Country for Old Men,��� the brothers��� 2007 adaptation of Cormac McCarthy���s neo-Western novel, scored four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The film stars Josh Brolin as a Vietnam vet who stumbles upon a suitcase of drug money in the Texas desert, and Javier Bardem as the relentless hitman who pursues him.

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