What Is the Film "Streets of Laredo" About?


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"Streets of Laredo" is a western film produced in 1949 that is about the life and times of three outlaws and their developing relationships. The film stars William Holden, William Bendix and Macdonald Carey as the outlaws and Mona Freeman, who portrays a girl that they save.

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The movie begins with the outlaws Jim Dawkins, Loren Renning and Reuben Jones robbing a stagecoach. They hear a young lady being harassed by a brigand named Charley Calico and they run to rescue her. They manage to chase Charley Calico off and then bring the young lady to a nearby ranch, paying the elderly rancher there to guard her.

Later, when Jim and Reuben help some Texas Rangers, they are sworn into the organization, accidentally becoming lawmen. The third outlaw sees a chance to help his friends by stealing a herd of cattle and then letting the other two improve their reputation with the Texas Rangers by bringing the cattle back. Loren's friends ignore his crimes because they are busy dealing with Calico, who is the greater evil. After a climactic showdown, Jim kills Calico, but Loren wants Calico's empire after the villain's death. After Reuben dies, Jim kills Loren at the movie's conclusion.

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