What Is the Film "Get Rich or Die Tryin" About?


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The 2005 film "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" is a story about an aspiring rap musician who turns away from a crime-ridden life of drug dealing to pursue his passion. The story is loosely based on the life of the star of the film, rapper 50 Cent.

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The plot of the film follows an inner-city orphan named Marcus who becomes involved in a gang and attempts to rob a check-cashing facility where he and his accomplice are fired upon. He is shot nine times but recovers with the help of his childhood sweetheart. The film flashes back to Marcus' childhood, when he is orphaned after the murder of his drug-dealing mother. Marcus is sent to live with his cousins, where he sleeps on the floor and in the basement.

Marcus begins selling drugs at 10 years old, joins a gang and earns enough money to buy a Mercedes, which he drives into his old neighborhood to a hero's welcome. However, Marcus finds himself in a gang shooting in a nightclub when he tries to win over his childhood love, Charlene. His actions land him in jail, where he vows to pursue music as his passion and leave the gang life.

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