What Are the Best Fights That World Star Hip Hop Shows?

As of 2015, WorldStarHipHop.com shows some of its best fights on the “Fight Comp of the Week” videos. These videos are compilations of several fights featured in one video. To find the videos, users can type “Fight Comp of the Week” into the search bar on top of the webpage. Some of the fight videos can be extremely violent and use adult language.

World Star Hip Hop is video blog website that features a variety of popular videos. However, the website is most known for featuring public fighting videos that have gone viral. Some videos feature people yelling “World Star” in recognition that the video might be uploaded onto the website. Over the years, the website has managed to average about 1.1 million visitors daily.

In 2005, Lee O’Denat created World Star Hip Hop to distribute mix tapes. The original website was then destroyed by hackers not long after its launch. World Star Hip Hop was then re-launched and focused mainly on models and hip-hop beefs. The website used the same setup as OnSmash.com, another website that already distributed the same type of material. O’Denat claims this led to tension between both websites but, after featuring only videos, his website prevailed.