What Are Some Features of Wealth Magazine?

What Are Some Features of Wealth Magazine?

Wealth Magazine includes articles on business news, investments, retirement, real estate and personal finance. This magazine also runs reader polls and provides access to finance-oriented podcasts, newsletters and opinion pieces from its staff of industry insiders. Additionally, the magazine publishes finance-themed inspirational quotes from reader submissions and gives prizes to the readers chosen.

Wealth Magazine's coverage of financial subjects is wide-ranging. Business articles, for example, assess strategies regarding company trust ratings, explore small business tax tips that make a big bottom-line difference and focus on tough questions concerning job security.

Investment articles cover topics such as concerns over IPOs, the worth of value stocks and the role bonds play in a portfolio. Personal finance articles explore the financial compatibility of couples, the importance of estate planning and the money-saving potential of a maximized fuel economy.

Retirement reporting in Wealth Magazine includes coverage and criticism of retirement reform, relocation tips for seniors making a post-retirement move and comprehensive retirement readiness checklists. Real estate topics include the pleasures and pitfalls of modern-day home ownership, predictions about commercial real estate's future and critical facts for buyers eyeing a foreclosure purchase.

Columns by this magazine's staff feature alternatives to personal bankruptcy, critical assessments of impact investing and security safeguards businesses must have to thwart cyber-threats.