What Are Some Features of Slacker Radio?

Features of Slacker Radio include radio stations created by professional DJs, song skipping and custom stations based on a user's listening preferences, as of 2015. Features vary depending on the user's account. Slacker Radio is available for mobile devices, home devices and vehicles.

Slacker Radio offers Basic, Radio Plus and Premium plans. The Basic plan is free, while the Radio Plus and Premium plans have monthly subscription fees, with the Premium plan being the most expensive.

With the Basic plan, users can listen to radio stations and create custom ones. Each user can skip up to six songs per hour. This plan has advertisements that play between songs.

The Radio Plus plan has all the features of a Basic plan without any advertisements. It also allows users to skip an unlimited number of songs and listen to offline stations that don't use data.

In addition to all the features of the Radio Plus plan, the Premium plan allows users to create playlists, order albums and songs on-demand, and listen to offline playlists and albums.

Each user can rate songs, which helps Slacker Radio determine listening preferences and play songs the user may like. Each user can also ban songs or artists.