What are some features of a Craftsman-style home?


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One feature of a Craftsman-style home is a low-pitched, gabled roof with wide, unenclosed eave overhangs that have decorative supports. Another common feature is a full or partial width front porch sheltered under the main roof or an extended roof.

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Craftsman-style homes feature tapered columns, smaller at the top and thicker at the base, that support the porch roof. They are usually as tall as the porch's height and are supported by stone or brick piers that extend to the ground. One possible variation is double columns instead of tapered.

Authentic Craftsman homes have partially paned doors in the upper third of the door. There is no specific number of glass panes required. The bottom of the door is usually paneled with thick trim. The windows of the home are also multi-paned with either four panes over one or six panes over one in a double window. Wide trim is also used to encase the windows.

Most Craftsman homes are painted in earth tones such as brown and green. Contrasting colors are used to highlight architectural features such as the wide trim and the decorative supports and columns. These homes are always built with a mixture of materials including wooden clapboard siding, stone, brick, concrete block and stucco.

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