What Are Some Features of the Bill Gates' Mansion?

What Are Some Features of the Bill Gates' Mansion?

Some features of Bill Gates’ mansion include customized lighting and climate sensors for guests, a massive library, an artificial stream and a pool with its own underwater music system. Gate’s Medina, Washington mansion took seven years to build and cost $63 million.

Gates has his home wired with customizable technology that reacts to guests’ preferences. Visitors receive special pins that allow them to input temperature and lighting settings, which adjust automatically as guests move between rooms. The house is also filled with adjustable screens, and anyone can change the artwork or photographs displayed on them.

One of Gates’ crown jewels is an enormous library featuring secret bookcases and even a hidden bar. The most valuable text in the library is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester,” a manuscript Gates bought at a 1994 auction for $30.8 million.

Also of note is the compound’s artificial stream, which was built to address runoff problems created by the property’s large walls. The stream is home to populations of both salmon and trout. Gates also keeps the beach on his property stocked with imported Caribbean sand, which arrives on a barge each year.

In a building separate from the home, Gates keeps his 60-foot swimming pool, equipped with special speakers that allow swimmers to listen to music underwater. An underwater path also leads to a terrace outside.