Which Faux Painting Techniques Can Be Used for Paint That Looks Like Wood?


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Painters can create faux-wood finishes with a specialized wood-graining tool that's available at most home improvement or paint stores. Painters need a rocking wood-graining tool and two different but similarly hued paint colors in order to use this basic technique.

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First, painters should base coat the desired surface in a wood-colored hue slightly lighter than the desired final result. Next, they take their wood grain tool and lightly dip it in the main paint color. Then they roll the tool back and forth along the desired surface to create the fake planks. Painters should vary the amount of pressure put on the tool for a more realistic finish. After completing this step, painters may wish to carefully soften the grain with a rag. Finally, once the paint is dry, they seal the surface with a clear polyurethane finish.

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