What Are Some Facts About the Fattest Man Alive?

What Are Some Facts About the Fattest Man Alive?

Some facts about the fattest man alive are that he reports weighing approximately 960 pounds as of mid-October 2015, and he suffers serious health problems because of his weight. Additional facts about the fattest man alive, Andres Moreno, are that he weighs so much that scientists were unsure whether the operating table could safely hold someone of Moreno's weight for the weight-loss surgery that Moreno underwent in late October 2015.

Andres Moreno is the fattest man alive as of late-October, 2015. Moreno is a native of Mexico, and he lives in Obregon City. Moreno reports needing the help of seven people to transport him to Arboledas Hospital in Guadalajara for surgery scheduled for late October 2015.

Moreno also says that he required a special reinforced stretcher to make the trip for surgery. Jose Castañeda is Moreno's surgeon. Moreno has less than one-fourth of his stomach remaining after undergoing the weight-loss surgery. The purpose of shrinking Moreno's stomach through surgery is to help him eat less and re-shape his stomach to hold less food.

Andres Moreno reports choosing weight-loss surgery because of a life-long struggle with weight, beginning when he weighed in at 264.5 pounds at the age of 10. Immediately before the surgery, Moreno reports being physically unfit to walk and bedridden. Moreno states that he hopes to lose weight in the future. Moreno weighs so much that scientists are unsure if his body has the strength to withstand post-surgery recovery.

Moreno describes his pre-surgery body as a "prison," and he reports that he quickly gained weight at disproportional levels beginning around age 20. Moreno expects to need help learning to walk again after the surgery. Moreno reports wanting a normal body and a chance to begin a new phase in life.