What Are Some of the Fashion Trends Megyn Kelly Is Known For?


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Megyn Kelly's fashion both on-air and off-air can be described as tailored, classic and never-frilly. While she might wear bright colors on-air, she prefers avoiding them in her private life.

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On-air, this self-proclaimed "not a fashion girl" wears reworked traditional suits, peep-toes or T-strap stilettos that capture the attention of viewers. Although she doesn't like bright colors, she is encouraged to wear some on camera. But off-camera, Kelly can stick to her preferred palette of conservative colors: navy, black and ivory. Her "uniform" consists of dark skinny jeans and cotton tops, hair in a ponytail and no make-up, a style she calls "New York casual." She shuns accessories, especially statement necklaces, as they are distracting on-air and impractical off-air.

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