How Do You View Free "The Far Side" Cartoons?

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to view Gary Larson comics for free online. Gary Larson expressed his opinion on, stating that he does not want any of his comics shared online and does not give his permission for them to be distributed.

"The Far Side" is a comic strip by Gary Larson that started in 1980. It was run daily in over 1,000 newspapers for 15 years and has been compiled into 23 books and many more novelty products, such as calendars. The comic is characterized by surrealistic humor that relies on awkward social situations, logical fallacies or impending disasters. It often employs animals and cavemen as its main characters, which is a trait that's been attributed to Larson's background in biology.

Every "The Far Side" compilation has been on The New York Time's best sellers list. Larson himself has been honored by having a species of louse (Strigiphilus garylarsoni) and a species of butterfly (Serratoterga larsoni) named after him. The word "thagomizer," which originally appeared in "The Far Side" comic, has become a generally accepted term for the spiky protrusions on the tail of the stegosaurus. Larson's decision to allow none of his comics to be freely available on the Internet has met with controversy, but so far he has not changed his mind.