What Are Some Famous Urdu Sher Pieces?


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Some famous Urdu Sher pieces come from the works of well-known Urdu poets such as Mirza Ghalib's "A Thousand Desires," Mir Taqi Mir's "To Weep" and Allama Iqbal's "I Desire." "Sher" is the Urdu and Persian word for "couplet" and is often part of a Shayari (poem).

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Other fine examples of notable Sher pieces include Allama Iqbal's couplet that states, "Go beyond knowledge for its illumination / is the lamp to light the way, not the destination" and the last two lines of Mir Taqi Mir's "Love is a Real Burden," which goes, "Love is a real burden, Miir, it is a heavy stone / how can it be lifted by a weak person alone?" A good Sher needs to have a profound meaning of its own and does not rely on other lines of the poem to create an impact.

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