What Are Some Famous Railroad Logos?


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Some famous railroad logos include the shield of Union Pacific Railway, the Memphis Route star and the Norfolk Southern Railway horse emblem. As of January 2016, images of famous railroad logos are available on Annyas.com, which compiles a record of 100 railroad company logos throughout the evolution of the industry. Beginning with the 1845 Thompson and Co's Express logo, images are available to be viewed in ascending chronological order, ending with Amtrak's logo from the year 2000.

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The logo for the United Pacific Railway, the largest railway network in the United States and the company responsible for the first transcontinental railway, has undergone a marked evolution. Union Pacific's website offers an in-depth history section chronicling the company and the many changes its logo has seen. An early 1868 graphic design for the company featured a Victorian inspired emblem depicting an elk and the words "Union Pacific Rail Road." In the year 1880, the company's moniker officially adopted the term "railway," and the company's logo first implemented the change within the 1884 design. By 1886, the famous UP shield logo began to take shape.

The many incarnations of the now highly recognizable railway shield logo are available for viewing on the Union Pacific website, along with historical reference points that provide contextual information throughout the logo's transformation.

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