Who Are Some Famous Pioneers of Dada?


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Famous pioneers of the Dada movement include Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp and Man Ray. Dadism was an art movement which began in Zurich, Germany, in 1916. The movement is characterized as a rebellion of the status quo found in the culture and values of the time.

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The pioneers of Dadism helped form the movement in their respective countries:

  • Max Ernst was the pioneer of the Cologne branch of Dadism. He is known for his painting, poetry, sculptures and graphic arts.
  • Marcel Duchamp pioneered Dada's New York branch. His first Dadist work, "Fountain," was a signed urinal.
  • Jean Arp was a pioneer of Zurich Dada. He is known for his poetry and sculpture.
  • Man Ray was a photographer and painter who founded the American branch of the Dada movement.

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