Who Are Some Famous People Throughout History?


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Julius Caesar, George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi are all famous people that lived during different periods of human history. All three of them were involved with politics at some point of their lives.

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Julius Caesar was born in 100 B.C. in Rome when it was the capitol of the Roman Republic. As a Roman statesman, he formed a political alliance in 60 B.C. with Crassus and Pompey, which catapulted him to power. He also scored great military victories that extended Rome's rule to the English Channel and the Rhine. He was a central figure in the Great Roman Civil War, which resulted in him taking control of the newly formed Roman Empire. Under his rule, the Roman Empire adopted the Julian Calendar and also centralized its bureaucracy. Caesar's rule lasted until 44 B.C., when he was assassinated.

George Washington was born in 1732 in Virginia, which was still under British rule as a colony. He became a commissioned lieutenant colonel in the British army in 1754 and fought the first skirmishes of the French and Indian War. He continued to advance his military and political career under British rule until he was eventually elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army of the rebelling colonies. Upon winning the war, Washington resumed his political career as the first president of the United States.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on Oct. 2, 1869, in what was then British India. Gandhi went on to become the leader of the Indian independence movement, and he is noted for his employment of non-violent civil disobedience. His success went on to inspire other civil rights movements across the world.

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