What Are Some Famous Paintings of Landscapes?


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Examples of famous landscape paintings include "Sunrise" by Claude Lorrain, "Mr. and Mrs. Andrews" by Thomas Gainsborough and "View of Toledo" by El Greco. Another example is "The Great Preserve" by Caspar David Friedrich.

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"Sunrise" by Claude Lorrain is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of New York as of 2015. It was originally painted in 17th-century Europe. "Sunrise" features a group of people and animals crossing a river in the midst of a serene landscape with trees and the silhouette of a castle in the background. Many of Lorrain's landscape paintings feature people, but the people are often insignificant compared to the surrounding environment. Lorrain is a recognized painter of the Baroque era and his style inspired other well-known artists such as Jan Van Goyen, Henri Rousseau and Robert Corot.

"Mr. and Mrs. Andrews" was painted in 18th-century Britain and is on display in the National Gallery of London. Thomas Gainsborough painted this piece, his first masterpiece, when he was only 22 years old. It features a young and wealthy Suffolk couple sitting under a large oak tree with a hunting dog. The figures are situated to the left, allowing the viewer to see the landscape that surrounds them.

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