What Are Some Famous Paintings by Filipino Artists?

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo, one of the founding figures of the artistic movement in the Philippines, produced numerous portraits and landscapes of rural scenes in the Philippines, such as "Planting Rice" and "Beneath the Mango Tree." Some notable examples of works by modern Philippine artists include "Fisherman" by Ang Kiukok and the colorful abstractions of Hernano Ocampo, such as "Man and Carabao."

Fernando Amorsolo is notable for his masterful use of realistic natural light in his oil paintings. His landscapes, such as "Sunday Morning Going to Town" and "Afternoon Meal of the Workers," often focused on pastoral themes and emphasized the natural beauty of his native country. He also made notable portraits of women, such as "Fruit Gatherer" and "The Palay Maiden," in which he highlighted the beauty of the more rounded features of Philippine women as opposed to Western standards of beauty.

Hernando Ocampo's work is notable for its vivid, bold colors used in abstractions that emphasize the beauty of the flora, fauna and natural features found in the Philippines. He established his unique style with paintings such as "A Wiping," which is noteworthy for its use of contrasting colors and shapes depicting motion and complex forms inspired by objects in nature.