What Are Some Famous Movies From Myanmar?


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IMDb lists a few famous movies from Myanmar, or Burma as it was previously known, including “The Monk,” released in 2014; “Return to Burma,” released in Taiwan in 2013; and “Thingyan moe,” released in Burma in 1985. Another film from Myanmar filmed in 2013, “Gon,” is a C-grade movie about a businessman who runs off with his competitor’s sister; Maung Thi directs the movie.

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One of the most famous movies from Myanmar is one of the country's oldest: "Love and Liquor," about the evils of gambling and alcohol. It was the very first feature film, premiering on Oct. 13, 1920; this date is designated every year as Myanmar Film Day. The film uses only one camera, rendering it a poor production quality; nonetheless, it was highly successful.

The movie industry in Myanmar flourished in spite of major events such as World War II and the Kuomintang's marching into Burma in 1950, until the socialist regime took control of the government in the early 1960s. The regime began to censor scripts and films strictly. In spite of the censorship and banning of some films, the movie industry continued to produce films until the pro-democracy uprisings in 1988. As of the elections in 2012, the government has allowed members of the film industry to participate on censorship boards and has generally relaxed restrictions.

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