Who Are Some Famous Mexican Painters?

Famous Mexican painters include Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Like Kahlo and Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros was known for his political activity as well as his art. His style was progressive and bold and among his contributions was the introduction of new mural painting techniques.

Siqueiros' works include Head of an Indian, Zapata, Moises Saenz and Seated Nude.

Diego Rivera was known for his murals and frescos. Born in 1886, he started painting from a young age and drew on European influences, which he encountered during his travels, for his own work. He was inspired by the French masters, such as Renoir and Matisse, but the Renaissance-era frescoes in Italy that sparked Rivera's lifelong interest in the power of public art. He regularly included political themes in his work, such as his controversial inclusion of Lenin on a mural commissioned by the Rockefellers for the RCA building. Rivera refused to remove the image of Lenin and the mural was destroyed.

Frida Kahlo, perhaps the most widely celebrated of these three Mexican painters, was also known for her colorful public image. Her political engagement brought her into contact with Rivera, who became her husband. Kahlo's work has often been compared to that of the Surrealists, although she never identified herself as such. Among her best known paintings are The Suicide of Dorothy Hale, The Two Fridas and The Broken Column.