What Are Some Famous Love Poems From a Husband to a Wife?


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One of the most famous poems written by a husband for his wife is "Any Wife to Any Husband" by Robert Browning. In 1784, Warren Hastings wrote a poem titled "Ode to His Wife" that was composed after his wife died giving birth to their second child.

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Warren Hastings was born in England in 1732. His poem "Ode to His Wife" became well-known less for the author's literary prowess than for his position as the governor-general of Bengal.

Robert Browning was born in 1812 in England and received his education from his father. By age 12, he had written a volume of Byronic verse, and at age 14, he was fluent in Latin, Greek and French.

His marriage to Elizabeth Barrett Browning remains one of the most famous in literary history. Elizabeth published "Poems" in 1844, which attracted Robert's attention, and he wrote a letter praising the work. She responded, and the two exchanged 574 letters over the course of 20 months. Elizabeth's father was opposed to the marriage, so the couple eloped in 1846. In 1850, Barrett Browning published a collection of verse dedicated to Robert titled "Sonnets from the Portuguese," which is considered her best work.

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