What Are Some Famous Life Magazine Covers?


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One famous Life cover depicts an 18-week-old fetus inside the womb, pictured for the "Drama of Life before Birth" issue. Published on April 30, 1965, the photograph was taken by Swedish photographer Linnart Nilsson. Another cover photo shows astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon, taken by fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong.

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Nilsson used an endoscope with an electronic flash to capture the iconic fetal cover photo and the accompanying photos inside the magazine, capturing the beginning of human life.

On his cover photo, Aldrin is outfitted in his space suit and helmet, in which the viewer can see an image of Armstrong reflected as he takes the picture. The image was part of a special issue of Life magazine, "To the Moon and Back," published in 1969, which chronicled the first moon landing by the Apollo 11 astronauts and their team of scientists.

Life also famously featured images from World War II and the Vietnam War on its covers. On the April 1945 cover, photographer W. Eugene Smith captured an image of marines taking cover on a hillside in Iwo Jima as a Japanese bunker explodes above them. The April 16, 1965 cover features Larry Burrows' image of a U.S. helicopter under fire from the Viet Cong. The photograph shows a dying pilot and other injured crew members.

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