Who Are Some Famous Journalists?

Who Are Some Famous Journalists?

Famous journalists include Robert Fisk, Kitty Dukakis, Christopher Hitchens and Christiane Amanpour as of 2015. In addition to working as journalists, some of these individuals are famous for being authors and TV anchors.

Robert Fisk is a journalist who is famous for his work in Beirut. As of 2015, he holds more awards for journalism than any other foreign correspondent. Fisk is most famous for accessing places that are dangerous for journalists and was one of the few individuals to interview Osama Bin Laden more than once during the 1990s.

In addition to working as a journalist, Kitty Dukakis used her public profile to help individuals with depression and immigrants. Kitty's reputation in the public eye was sometimes controversial, as she periodically battled with addictions.

Christopher Hitchens was a British journalist who found fame with publications such as "Vanity Fair." He eventually spent most of his career in the United States and became an American citizen. His work often focused on atheism, criticism of wars and socialism. Some of his more controversial pieces included criticism of popular public figures, such as Mother Teresa, Princess Diana of Wales and Pope Benedict XVI. Hitchens passed away in 2011 from esophageal cancer.

Christine Amanpour is a conflict correspondent who has won awards for her work, including the DuPont Award for her coverage of Iran in 1985. As a broadcast journalist, Amanpour found success with networks such as CNN, where she became the chief international correspondent.