What Are Some Famous Horse Statues?


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Two famous horse statues are the Gattamelata by Italian sculptor Donatello and the Colleoni by Verrochio. Both of these statues were constructed during the Renaissance period, and they are both located in Italy.

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The Gattamelata is a bronze equestrian statue located in Padua, Italy. It was constructed in 1455 by the famous sculptor Donatello in order to honor war hero and politician Erasmo de Narni, who was also known as Gattamelata. The statue depicts a life-sized recreation of Erasmo riding his horse through the streets carrying a large baton that signifies his power and authority. The statue was one of the first bronze equestrian statues to have been constructed in a period of over 100 years.

The Colleoni is another equestrian statue sculpted by Italian artist Andrea del Verrocchio. Verrocchio was a student of Donatello, and he fashioned the Colleoni out of bronze for the city of Venice in the late 15th century. This statue portrays Bartolomeo Collenio, a famous general of the Republic of Venice, atop his horse. Although Verrochio based his work on Donatello's "Gattamelata," he included considerably more detail in the Colleoni. Unfortunately, Verrochio died before the statue was completed, and fellow sculptor Alessandro Leopardi finished his work.

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