What Are Some Famous H. Hargrove Paintings?

One of H. Hargroves most celebrated and famous paintings is "From Athens to Atlanta." He was honored to create it for the Centennial Olympic Games in 1996. In 1999, he created "The World Is Watching" to capture the spirit of and celebrate the Women's World Cup Soccer tournament. A few more of H. Hargrove's famous paintings are "The Prairie Barn," "Champaign Train Station" and "Morning at Grandma's." Some others are "First Snow," "The Test of Time" and "Remember When."

"The Prairie Barn," released in 1978, is an open edition serigraph on canvas enhanced by the artist. The simple stark image is reflective of the his early period, and it led to comparisons with Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. "Champaign Train Station" is the most popular of Hargrove's paintings in his series on the American train. "Morning at Grandma's" shows his passion for painting still life. "

First Snow," his first limited edition painting, became an instant classic. "The Test of Time," a detailed black and white pencil sketch released in 1997, is similar to his early work. "Remember When" is the first in his "Main Street USA" series and reflects back to a simpler time. This work is a mixed media on canvas, colorful and full of detail.