Who Are Some Famous German Artists?


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Some famous German artists are the painter and printmaker Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), the visual artist Gerhard Richter (1932-), and the painter and sculptor Max Ernst (1891-1976). Durer was born in Nuremberg, Richter in Dresden and Ernst in Bruhl.

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Albrecht Durer worked during the High Renaissance and although he was a talented painter, he's most noted for his wood-block prints and copper-engravings, especially his "Apocalypse" series of prints and his engraving titled "The Knight and Death" (1513).

Gerhard Richter is a contemporary visual artist notable for his contributions to the New European painting movement and abstraction. As of June 2015, he is still creating works of art and has moved into digital prints.

Max Ernst is renowned for his contributions to dadaism and surrealism. He was interested in Freud's theories on dream analysis, and Ernst often used painting to explore his own psyche and that of the mentally ill. Some of his most famous pieces are "Celebes" (1921), "Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale" (1924), and "The Fireside Angel" (1937).

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