Who Are Some Famous French Sculptors?


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Some famous French sculptors include Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas and César Baldaccini. Rodin and Baldaccini were sculptors, and Degas was a sculptor and a painter.

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Auguste Rodin is best known for several iconic sculptures, including "The Age of Bronze," "The Kiss" and "The Thinker." Born in 1840, Rodin was a skilled artist by his late teens, but years of public indifference to his art caused him to abandon sculpting in favor of a career as a decorative bricklayer. After 20 years of bricklaying work, a trip to Italy inspired Rodin to return to sculpting. His first piece was displayed in 1878, and he went on to become one of the most notable sculptors of his era.

Edgar Degas was renowned as both a painter and a sculptor, influencing both mediums well after his death. Born in 1834 in Paris, Degas studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, where he became known as both a talented sculptor and portraitist. In both his works, Degas displayed his fascination with the grace and beauty of female dancers. Degas was among the best known of the French Impressionists, and his work influenced many notable artists, including Pablo Picasso.

César Baldaccini was a prominent figure in the New Realism movement, and his innovative sculptures were often created out of found objects. He was also known for creating extremely large works, such as a 40-foot representation of a thumb.

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