Who Are Some Famous Filipino Sculptors?


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Famous Filipino sculptors include Guillermo Tolentino and Napoleon Abueva. Tolentino emerged during the middle of the 19th century, creating works in the Classical style. His works feature political and revolutionary themes, including the large statue of the Bonificio Monument, which features the prominent figure Andres Bonifacio, a key leader in the Philippines' revolution against Spain during the late 1890s.

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The Bonifacio monument classifies as one of Tolentino's greatest works and has international fame. Surrounding Andres Bonifacio are several soldiers. Behind him stands another prominent political figure, Emilio Jacinto. This monument shows the men and fellow soldiers standing tall and proud, with a Philippines flag waving in the background.

While Tolentino focused on military and political themes, Abueva made a name for himself as a contemporary artist. His sculptural works focus on the human figure, drawing attention to the physical aspects of human bodies rather than celebrating individuals. The Allegorical Harpoon and Fredesvinda rank among two of Abueva's most outstanding creations. The Allegorical Harpoon depicts a horizontally inclined harpoon with a smaller figure on top. This display represents an abstract concept, blending primitive shapes with modern themes and materials.

The Kiss of Judas, Thirty Pieces of Silver and Sunburst also receive credit as Abueva's significant works. Abueva utilized many mediums, including hard woods, adobe, metal and stainless steel to create his sculptures, which reside in the Philippines and internationally.

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