Who Are Some Famous Female Reporters?


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Some of the most famous female reporters include Barbara Walters, Margaret Bourke-White and Hannah Arendt. Other famous female reporters include Nora Ephron, Susan Sontag, Gloria Steinem and Ida B. Wells.

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Many famous female reporters were those who primarily covered women's issues and advanced feminist causes. Some examples include Gloria Steinem, a pioneering feminist known for creating Ms. magazine in 1972, and Nora Ephron, an author and screenwriter who also published social and culture critiques for Esquire. Other famous female reporters, while not explicitly feminist, made major advances for women in their fields of work, such as Barbara Walters and Barbara Ehrenreich, in the fields of TV news and economic equality, respectively.

Other famous female reporters were notable for their coverage of war. Margaret Bourke-White, one of the first women to cover war, is considered one of the most important figures in photojournalism and was the first woman to have her pictures appear on the cover or Life magazine. Other famous women who have reported on war include Frances FitzGerald, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who covered the Vietnam war, and wrote a critique, "Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam," about her experiences, and Martha Gellhorn, who covered the Vietnam war, as well as World War II.

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