What Are Some Famous Examples of Pakistani and Urdu Poetry?


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Some famous examples of Pakistani poetry include "Justice" and "The Return" by Zehra Nigah, and "It Is Not Love It Is Madness" by Mirza Ghalib is an example of well-known Urdu poetry. Zehra Nigah is a Pakistani poet who draws inspiration from Urdu poetry, and Mirza Ghalib was the preeminent Urdu poet nearing the end of the Mughal Empire.

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Zehra Nigah's "Justice" begins: "Imprisoned, I am also free in this little room." Her poem is dedicated to a blind girl who was punished under Pakistani Hudood ordinances. Nigah dislikes labels and chooses not to be identified as a feminist, but many of her writings touch upon injustices visited upon females, according to The Hindu. She structures her poems with everyday images that communicate deeper significance, as is portrayed in the lines "I axed through the jungle of loneliness; unawares, the city, a house of cards, crashing down at the slightest moment," from "The Return."

Mirza Ghalib writes about love but liberates himself from the conventions of realism by not identifying the name or gender of the beloved subject. He opts instead to address the idea of a lover and a beloved. His poem "It Is Not Love It Is Madness" demonstrates this commitment to abstraction: "Give something O biased One, At least the sanction to cry and plea, I will perpetuate the rituals, even if cruelty be your method."

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