What Are Some Famous Examples of Love Poetry Written for Female Recipients?


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Some of the most famous love poems intended for a woman come from William Shakespeare's sonnets. Shakespeare wrote over 150 sonnets, and they are considered to be some of the most beautiful and romantic pieces of verse in British literature.

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While scholars don't always know to whom Shakespeare wrote in his sonnets, they do know that he was married to a woman for many years. Thus, they assume that the intended audience for his sonnets was female.

One of the most famous sonnets written by Shakespeare is "Sonnet 18," often referred to by its first line, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" In this poem, Shakespeare sets up a comparison between his beautiful lady love and a beautiful summer day. However, he finds that the comparison simply cannot hold, as his lover is so much more beautiful, gentle and sweet than any summer day could hope to be.

In addition, a modern poet well-known for his love poetry is Pablo Neruda. Also a fan of sonnets, Neruda wrote a large variety of love poems that were intended for a woman's heart. His love poems are full of beautiful and sensual imagery, and they remain a favorite of romantics today.

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