What Are Some Famous Episodes of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno?


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The episode in which Jay Leno eulogized his father after his death, the episode in which Colin Farrell's stalker rushed the stage and the episode in which Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Jay Leno were are all notable moments from Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" tenure. Each episode aired in one of the decades that Jay Leno hosted the show.

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Leno's father eulogy episode aired on August 22, 1994, and it is noted for Leno's serious tone rather than his usual jokes. Jay told the audience about how his father had always supported his career choices and about how he continued to support Jay and provide encouraging words after Johnny Carson publicly disapproved of Jay Leno as his successor.

The episode in which Colin Farrell's stalker rushed the stage aired on July 20, 2006. Farrell escorted the stalker off the stage and into the custody of NBC security, during which he could be hear saying "Darling, you're insane!" The show cut to commercials during the incident, but upon return, Jay Leno asked the audience to applaud for the security team.

The Jimmy Kimmel episode aired in 2010, after NBC brought Jay Leno back as "The Tonight Show" host post-Conan O'Brien. Leno interviewed Kimmel for his "10 at 10" segment, during which Kimmel made fun of Leno for returning as the host of the show.

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