What Are Some Famous Episodes of "Storage Hunters"?


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Some famous episodes of "Storage Hunters" include "Old Rivals, New Wars," the episode in which the hunters found voodoo dolls, and the episode where the hunters found a Mardi Gras float. "Old Rivals, New Wars" received a rating of 7.3 out of 10 by users of the website IMDb.

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In "Old Rivals, New Wars," fire fighters responded to a fire that broke out in one of the bins. Circumstances developed in a way that made Brandon and Lori, the lead characters, team up with old rivals in an attempt to maximize business. The devious Taylor boys arrived and began buying up several good bins. Their actions infuriated Brandon and Lori.

In one memorable episode, the storage hunters found the voodoo dolls after a bin purchase in New Orleans. They also found blood on the floor of the unit as well as chicken feathers and stones that are used to perform rituals. A rival bidder did not seem bothered by the find and remarked that the chicken feathers only made him hungry.

One episode revealed a storage bin that contained a large, pool-shaped Mardi Gras float. The float had multicolored streamers and a decorative skirt around its edges. The hunter disassembled the float to find that the original owner constructed the float using a car. The winning buyer expressed shock and surprise at having purchased a car. On memorable episodes, storage hunters also found a methamphetamine lab, new Harley-Davidson motorcycles and mysterious artwork in the shape of hands.

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