What Are Some Famous Characters in DC Comics?


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Famous characters in DC Comics include Superman, Batman and the Flash. Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton, while Batman and the Flash are both humans.

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Superman possesses many super powers, including super strength, super speed, flight and heat vision. He is invulnerable and has an enhanced healing ability. Superman is a hero with strong morals and a desire to protect the people of Earth.

Batman doesn't have any super powers, but he is at the peak of human ability in several areas, including intellect, physical conditioning and fighting ability. The murder of both of Batman's parents drove him to become a hero and protect the city of Gotham from criminals.

DC Comics introduced multiple versions of the Flash, each of whom possessed super speed. Two of the most popular Flash characters, Barry Allen and Wally West, gained their powers through lab accidents and decided to use those powers to fight crime.

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