What Are Some Famous Burmese Movies?

Popular Burmese movies include "The Monk," directed by The Maw Naing in 2014; "Golden Kingdom," directed by Brian Perkins in 2015; and "Ateik i ayeik," directed by Sin Yaw Mg Mg in 2010. Another popular film is "Wearing Velvet Slippers Under a Golden Umbrella," directed by Maung Wunna in 1940.

"Golden Kingdom" features four young monks living alone in a monastery in Myanmar after their master leaves to go through a mountain pass. "The Monk" is about a character named Zawana who must choose the next path in his spiritual journey while adjusting to life at a monastery. "Ateik i ayeik" is about a man who meets a girl who looks exactly like his late fiance from 20 years ago. "Wearing Velvet Slippers Under a Golden Umbrella" is a story of love between a doctor and his patient.