Who Are Some Famous Black Doctors?

Who Are Some Famous Black Doctors?

Some examples of famous black doctors are Dr. James McCune, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Samuel L. Kountz and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. Some of these men worked during times when blacks were unable to receive education in health care, while others are still active doctors as of 2015.

Dr. James McCune was the first African-American doctor in the United States. McCune was unable to attend medical school in his home state of New York, so he had to travel to Scotland to obtain his degree. Upon graduation, McCune returned to the United States to provide medical services to the poor.

Dr. Ben Carson is a world-famous pediatric neurosurgeon. Carson has helped separate conjoined twins among other medical feats. Carson has received awards for his service and is known for his exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Dr. Samuel L. Kountz is famous for being the first doctor to successfully perform a kidney transplant between individuals who were not identical twins. Kountz was also one of the inventors of a machine that can preserve kidneys outside the human body for up to 50 hours.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams is noted for being the first doctor to successfully perform open heart surgery. Williams performed this feat in 1893. Williams is also known for founding the Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses, which was the first black-owned hospital in America.