What Are Some Famous Band Names?

What Are Some Famous Band Names?

Van Halen, The Beatles, The Greatful Dead, The Who and U2 are the names of some famous bands. Many famous bands changed their names prior to achieving stardom. The Beatles, who began a rock era commonly referred to as the British Invasion, were previously called The Silver Beatles.

The group U2, led by international activist Bono, previously went by the name The Hype. At some point prior to gaining their widespread fame, a group named The High Numbers became The Who. The Grateful Dead were once name The Warlocks. The band bearing the name of their lead guitarist changed their name from Rat Salad to Van Halen.

Many other famous bands did not reach stardom with their original names. Beyonce was in a group named Girl Tyme that later became Destiny's Child. The Young Aborigines changed their genre of music from punk to rap and became The Beastie Boys.

Jimmy Page became a guitarist for the Yardbirds after first talking the group into replacing Eric Clapton, who had decided to leave the group, with musician Jeff Beck. After playing side-by-side with Jimmy Page for a time Jeff Beck left the group. Later, the group would become Led Zeppelin.

Leading a Seattle grunge revolution, Mookie Blaylock became Pearl Jam. Pen Cap Chew became Nirvana during the same period in music history.